Budgeting Playbook

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As a Dad of 2 young kids and family finances to manage, I've been working hard to make sure money is the last thing on our minds. 

I don't have a ridiculous salary or have won the lottery (in fact my wife and I both work part-time).

What we do have is a system in place that puts our money where we want it to go so we can live a stress-free life. 

It's given us a level of financial peace. All thanks to a bit of structure and routine in how we manage our money. 

The system and the process I use are all laid out in this short, concise eBook (You don't need to read a 100+ page book to learn how to manage money).

Is this playbook worth your time? Well, if you:

  • Want to feel better about money
  • Gain control of what you spend and save
  • Build towards something with minimal energy

...then this is the eBook for you.

PAY WHAT YOU WANT To help you get moving even quicker and take action with your money, I want you to name the price that you will pay for this. Could be $1, could be $100 - it's up to you. Why ask for money at all? Committing to purchase whether large or small will help you be accountable and more committed to following through. 

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If this book does not improve your finances and change the way that you think about money, let me know within 30 days of purchase and I will refund 100% of your purchase price - even if it's $1!

In this 25-page guide you'll find: 

  • The systems and processes I use for my family after years of experimenting and testing.
  • Proven techniques that will stop you wondering where the money goes
  • Smart ways to avoid feeling like you don't save enough or do enough with your money. 
  • A universal system and framework that can work for you in your situation, whether you have kids, are single, just married, or about to retire
  • A refined, straight forward strategy for budgeting that skips the things you don't need to worry about
  • Detailed instructions on the four key systems I recommend you know to take care of your money.

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll learn:

  • An understanding of what you are spending and saving
  • A clear indicator of how much money you have leftover each month
  • A framework for how to plan your spending without counting every dollar as you spend it
  • How to set up automation so you can spend less time paying bills and never have to remember when they are due
  • Find a strategy to put money away for rainy days
  • Control your impulse buying, but still be able to spend on what you love


You'll also receive any updates I make to this guide in the future as I refresh it with the most relevant content possible.

I've trimmed the fat to give you the most straightforward guide on building a better budget.

This is not a spreadsheet or template, it’s a playbook that shows you how to set up systems once so that you can enjoy using the money you make. 

I want this!

This playbook will show you how to setup an easy to manage budgeting process. Learn how to build a hands off system for saving money, spending money AND building wealth.

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Budgeting Playbook

0 ratings
I want this!